5 Tips To Make The Most Of Your New PlayStation 5

Check out the Dual Sense’s settings.

The Dual Sense controller is arguably the best case for the next generation. The triggers respond with purpose and weight, even going so far to tighten up when you swing between buildings in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Vibrations occur dynamically, signaling game events. It’s a huge step forward beyond the PS4’s DualShock 4, but if you’re not one for haptic advancements, you can tone it down.

In your settings, head to your Accessories menu. Open up the “Controllers” submenu. There, you can adjust your gamepad’s vibration intensity. You can make it so controllers, including any DualShock 4s, don’t emit as much bright light—a boon for those who like to game in the dark. You can even turn the Dual Sense’s speaker volume down.

Learn your way around.

The PS5’s operating system is not like the PS4’s. Many of the parts are the same; they’re just in different places. You’ll learn the ropes in time. Here are a few pointers that’ll give you a headstart:

  • The main dashboard is broken up into two screens: Games and Media. Games are where your Games and related apps, like the Media Gallery (more on that in a bit), are. Media is where you’ll find your downloaded streaming services and the like.
  • This time the PS button doesn’t take you back to the main dashboard. It pulls up something called a control center—a string of icons that each perform different console-level functions. To get to the main dashboard, hit the little icon that looks like a house.
  • Your settings are all the way at the top. Just look for the icon, right next your PSN profile, that looks like a gear. Most of the cool stuff you can do with the console can be found in one of the many submenus buried within.

Get some PS4 game downloads.

Thanks to the system’s souped-up tech, the PS5 can load PS4 games faster than the PS4 ever did. How much faster depends on the game—sometimes it’s a matter of seconds, sometimes whole minutes. The PS5 is light-years faster.

The easiest way to do so is a method that is for those with solid internet and sky-high, or nonexistent, data caps. After you’re set up and signed in, navigate to your game library (the icon all the way to the right on the Games screen). There, you’ll see all of the games associated with your account. Hover over the one you want, hit the Options button, click on download.

That’s not the only way to move PS4 games to a PS5. An external device with PS4 games loaded on it should work just fine with your PS5. Just plug it in and play. The only hiccup was that I had to plug it into the PS5’s rear two USB ports, rather than the one on the console’s face.)

Save energy.

The PS5 has a few handy energy-preservation measures. Making the most of them is a win-win-win, however marginal, for the environment, your power bill, and your green footprint. First, head to your settings and open up the “System” menu. Scroll down to “Power Saving.”

There, you’ll be able to designate how long your console will stay active (basically, the screen is on) during periods of inactivity (basically, when you go for long stretches without touching the controller). There are separate timers for games and for media playback, and they can be ticked up all the way to five hours. In the interest of preserving your triple win, though, you might want to set a lower timer.

The Power Saving options will also let you set a time limit for your controller. And, while you’re at it, make sure to switch on both of the toggles in the “Features Available in Rest Mode” submenu. That’ll allow you to make the most of automatic downloads.

Don’t unplug your PS5 while it’s turned on.

It will beep at you, much like the PS4 would, and you’ll be faced with angry screens reminding you—shaming, even—why that was such a bad move. As if you didn’t know.

notifications menu of the ps5

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